Tuesday, February 1, 2011


To all my readers with a love for knowledge of that which has gone before them.


"Life's a jest, and all things show it; I thought so once, and now I know it." (Epitaph on himself by John Gay (1688-1732)

History -- that old man eloquent. My appreciation for the talent, opportunity and motivation for this work remains to God. I believe we are here to do His works according to His design. He guides me and strengthens me, making possible all things in my life.

Art, my husband, dearest friend and helpmate, not only has unstintingly financed all my research, it was he who specially designed and equipped the workrooms that made possible these books. I can't tell you how blessed my life has been because of him.

Most histories such as these have the financial backing of universities. However, when the first printed edition was published, because I have no such affiliations, Patrick Graham, owner/publisher of the Statesman-Examiner, played a significant part by carrying the printing costs and warehousing the (printed) books until they all sold. Publication was possible only because of Patrick's confidence in me, and his financial assistance.

Grateful gratitude goes from all of us; writer, printer, reader, to all those who shared these memories and photographs. The most complete way I can name them is to refer you to the photographs. Each one whose collection is shared here added enormously to the text as well. The references in each bibliography name those who generously contributed facts I've been priviledged to include.

The most complete way I can express my gratitude to all those who shared their memories and photographs is to refer you to the Bibliographies where I've named them. Each one added enormously to the series. The Bibliographies name others who generously contributed facts I appreciate being able to include. Frank Hingley rescued much of the detailed information concerning the logging industry. To Frank, and all the others who recognize the value of saving personal papers is owed a special debt of gratitude.

Finally, I'd just like to say to all those who read this series whose families lived in the valley and are not mentioned, the omission is unintentional and happened only because I didn't know about them. Behind These Mountains is meant to commemorate all who've been a part of this northwestern Montana history, whether mentioned or not. I'm sadly aware that circumstances allowed me to know and tape-record so few of the multitude who left their mark and influenced settlement.

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