Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bygone Montanans; a Montana Research Opportunity

To the merely curious or those of you who are interested in researching family history, Bygone Montanans, a new blog, opens the door to the past by naming the hundreds of people who passed through, sojourned in, prospected, explored, labored, or homesteaded in or around the Clark's Fork and Bull River valleys in western Sanders County, Montana, between the 1860s to early 1930s. Its goal is to help you trace your lineage, locate and learn about ancestors, discover the forces that motivated them, and to learn how they lived their lives -- as told in their own words in the trilogy BEHIND THESE MOUNTAINS, Vols. I, II, & III.

However, there is no need to purchase a book to take advantage of the opportunity to find someone, because the books are free here.

Up to 20 indexed names will be published on the blog at a time, at frequent intervals, along with an excerpt and a photograph if available.

The photographs from your ancestors photo albums published in Behind These Mountains, Vols. I, II & III are available on a DVD. $10, S&H included.

Oral-tape recordings are also available. B.ecause the recordings of some people fill more than one CD, prices vary depending on how many CDs. A single CD is $10 S&H included.

This free Behind These Mountains website includes a link to each volume, in addition to archives and labels that make it easy to jump to chapters. Or, simply begin at Introduction and then click the link at the end of each chapter that takes you to the next chapter. The website archives [but not the Kindle editions] have a link to a list of alphabetically indexed surnames found in each volume.

So suit yourself, but I hope you'll visit Bygone Montanans often, and share with friends and acquaintances. If you find anyone with family ties, please leave a comment, contact information, and share a memory to grow your family tree!

Stop by, make yourselves at home, and stay a while. You might connect with a cousin you never knew existed, or find a long lost branch of the family.

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