Monday, May 12, 2014

Five Star Review

When a reader takes time to leave a comment or post a review of an author's book on Amazon they provide insight to potential buyers. Additionally, they give the author valuable feedback. Whether their words are praise or critical author's welcome them.

The following review is from: Behind These Mountains, Vol. I: People of the Shining Mountains Where The Clark's Fork River Churns (Kindle Edition) and was written February 9, 2014, by Dolores Plaisted.

"A Must–Whether You’re Interested in History or Just a Good Read. The books in this trilogy are the fruit of a painstaking sweep of documents from Northwest Montana coupled with recorded interviews of hundreds of long-time residents of the area. The result is a comprehensive, footnoted history of the region, a history that scholars and genealogists will find useful, local residents will treasure, and the general reader will thoroughly enjoy."
This author is overjoyed at her praise and awed by how succinctly she captured the essence of the three-volume series.
"Thank you Dolores Plaisted." ~ Mona Leeson Vanek
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